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Ziploc Reviews

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  • Snack Size Bags all tear at seal

    I bought a box of Ziploc snack-size bags (120 bags). The bags are ripping apart at the area where the two sides seal together. None of the baggies are usable. There goes money down the drain - money I can't afford to lose. No more Ziploc products for me. I have almost always bought Ziploc bags in the past and have been felt the extra money spent was worth the better quality. The quality of Ziploc products has deteriorated drastically. More...
  • Ziplock Space Bag

    I recently purchased Ziplock space bags hoping that they would save me space while packing to go on a big road trip. I am so disappointed because I spent extra money to buy the Ziplock brand thinking it would be better quality! Only to find out that once I finished packing in all the bags and attached the vacuum to it to get the air out it only held up for maybe an hour and the bags were back to being filled with air! :( SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!! More...
    Kristine1984's Picture   Kristine1984    0 Comments   Comments
  • cut bags

    upon using the one gallon ziploc bags for marinating I found my counter covered in marinate. Looking into the rest of the bags I found that they are cut in one corner. When making dinner for family it was upsetting to have to clean-up before you make the meal. These are the 1 gallon bags PO750606E1800 More...
    johnhanzlik's Picture   johnhanzlik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ziploc Gallon Storage Bags rip at the zipper

    The latest batch of Ziploc Gallon Storage Bags I bought shows a definite difference in material quality and behavior. The plastic feels different in the hands, less flexible maybe, but I felt the difference from the first bag. The problem is that when you go to open it, the top of the bag rips off while the zipper stays firmly closed. This is worse in the refrigerator or freezer. They are even harder to open right out of the box. Whatever change they made, I hope they go back to the original. I purchased a big box of bags at a Warehouse....Sam's or Costco, I don't remember... More...
    Ladypotter's Picture   Ladypotter    4 Comments   Comments
  • Ziploc Big Bags not as shown on box

    I had heard that using the BIG BAGS by Ziploc was a great way to organize clothes when traveling. I loved the fact that the bags were shown (on the box) to be clear plastic, so that I could see what was contained in each one. However, when I purchase, it turns out that the bags are instead bright blue and hard to see through. False advertising?? I certainly would like to get the clear bags that are shown. More...
    DianeLautz's Picture   DianeLautz    0 Comments   Comments
  • ziploc slider gallon storage bags

    Unfortunately bought a 60 bag box of the ziploc slider gallon storage bags actually my husband purchased the. I never buy the ziploc brand due to the cost not matching the quality. Always have issues! just opened the box, tried SIXTEEN bags in a row until I FINALLY got one that worked. First few the sliders fell off, then some wouldn't even open then I had a few that would split by the zippers. So annoying to spend money on a product that doesn't work & you can't return! More...
    jcouch1228's Picture   jcouch1228    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ziplocs that don't work

    I have purchased ziploc products for many years in different sizes from sandwich bags to XL storage bags. I have always seen this at a go-to product for all kinds of things. In the last year I have found some products don't work at all. They DO NOT ZIP without repeated effort to close them. This is especially true of the 2 gallon bags and extra larger storage bags. These are also the pricier items. I will be looking for another product line. - More...
    pissycustomer's Picture   pissycustomer    3 Comments   Comments
  • Bags are leaking

    I see I'm not the only one with this problem. I buy my bags at SAMs Club so I get ALOT of bags at once. My last 2 purchases have had holes in them! I marinate in them and have had several messes to clean in my refrigerator! I also put meat in cold water to defrost. Do you know how gross it is to find your meats water logged? Not very appetizing!!! I'm at the point of not purchasing your brand the next time. Please address this issue!! More...
    MaryMonkey55's Picture   MaryMonkey55    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags Split

    While separating frozen chicken breasts for dinner, I went to put one in a brand new Ziploc Gallon Freezer bag (I had just opened the box) and found the bottom of the bag had split open and the chicken breast fell onto my foot (which hurt quite a bit). I have since used several other bags from the box and have found they all leak or have splits in the seams. This is unacceptable and I will be using another product from now on. Which is a shame, as I have been using Ziploc for years. More...
    CaitlinBower's Picture   CaitlinBower    2 Comments   Comments
  • Ann Smith bags leaking

    I was just putting up 2 bushels of purple hull peas in quart size freezer bags. I add water to maintain freshness. NINE of the bags leaked either from seal or somewhere along the seam. Thank goodness I was putting them on a tray to transport to freezer or I may not have noticed. I have used Ziploc for years - all sizes of freezer bags and gallon storage bags and sandwich bags. Once in a while I come across one that leaks but I just opened this box and 9 leaked. There is a number on this carton K2970302W0203. I would like to a response. I have just tried to call ziploc and the voice... More...
    AnnSmith's Picture   AnnSmith    0 Comments   Comments
  • not good at all

    i fish for alot of fish an i tried useing ziploc freezer bags smart an zip an when i filled them with water to freze them they open did not work lost over a hundred dollars in fish i can close a baq with my fingers better than the smart zip you called it thanks i should of used a doller store bag i could of felt close More...
    tomfuller's Picture   tomfuller    1 Comments   Comments


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